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Weird sensation in arms

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AutumnRose1988 Sun 09-Oct-16 03:29:26

I have tried googling this sensation I got a few times during late pregnancy and after giving birth but can only seem to find pages relating to really serious conditions which I don't think I'm suffering from!
I just felt this weird sensation again and wanted to see if anyone else experienced it (I gave birth 2 weeks ago).
When laid in bed nodding off, sometimes my arms and teeth and jaw can suddenly feel massive. My teeth feel really huge in my mouth and my jaw feels like it's really large and square. My arms feel like they are like tree trunks and have become really enlarged but as soon as I move or touch the area the sensation goes and I go back to feeling completely normal. I know it sounds so strange but I was wondering whether it was some sort of deficiency maybe? Only happened when I have been pregnant or just after.

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