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Trying after IUD removal.

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MrsCattle89 Thu 06-Oct-16 12:08:40

Hi! I had the coil removed on 5/9 & then had a period on 7/9 that lasted 3 days. I did an ovulation test around the 20/9 which was positive, we did the deed every other day during my week of ovulation. I don't actually know my cycle length as I didn't have period whilst on the coil but I've always had regular periods & never had any problems getting pregnant. If I have an average 28 day cycle then I'm 2 days late! I've done 3 tests (2 before expected period) and all big fat negatives!! I'm gunna test again on the 9/10 as that's clear blues advice! I feel like I'm in limbo just waiting for my period or for a test to be positive!! confused

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