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Second sweep 40+2

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Daniellexo Wed 05-Oct-16 19:25:37

Hi just wondering if I could be close I had a sweep on Sunday not much joy as cervix was only finger tip open.. I had another sweep today at 3pm and am 2cm dilated.. also mucus plug came away last night.. booked in for induction still a week away.. just hope I go soon as my mums over from
Canada to see baby and goes back 3 days after I'm due to be induced

MrsCattle89 Thu 06-Oct-16 12:17:58

With my daughter i had a sweep at 41 weeks and was told I was 3cm & my water were ready to go! She stayed in until I went in for induction and she must have moved back up as when they examined me I was only half a cm, she still didn't come until my 2nd day of induction!! But with my son I was due to be induced, I'd literally just booked my induction & then I lost my plug & I was in labour later that night!! smile

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