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Pain like trapped wind

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Beachmum85 Tue 04-Oct-16 18:05:45

So today I've been crippled by what feels like a sort of trapped wind-type pain over my bump confused.

To give you some context I am 32 wks pg with DC2, anemic (taking iron tablets once a day) and am being tested for slightly low platelets (130). When not pregnant, I suffer from migraine and often this is behind my left eye, but usually have NO headaches when pregnant. I now have a headache, a watery/blurry left eye (that's driving me mad!) and had some floaters in my vision today (got checked by midwife and no protein in wee and pretty normal bp (although slightly raised for me).

What's going on? I have only just been able to sit down/still as had a ridiculously busy day, but still feel pain on my tummy whenever I move sad... Just trapped wind and a headache? Or something to be worried about?... Help!

ParForTheCourses Wed 05-Oct-16 09:18:41

Call the labor ward and speak to a midwife there for reassurance.

If it's trapped wind then trying the all fours face down arse up rocking may help but blurred vision isn't a sign to ignore either. Better safe.

sentia Wed 05-Oct-16 09:21:56

Not to alarm you but I would call the midwife with those symptoms. Blurry vision plus abdominal pain could point to pre-eclampsia, especially with raised blood pressure. When did you last see the midwife?

Of course it could just be rib flare which is horrible but not at all dangerous.

hopeful31yrs Wed 05-Oct-16 09:45:48

Had all these symptoms yesterday and, like you, had normal bloods, a slightly elevated BP but still very normal (usually low BP) and no protein in urine. When put on a CTG had ongoing irregular BH which got more intense as the day went by - in fact they've given me steroids and I'm due for a second dose today this evening. BH have settled (2 so far since I got up) but had left sided abdominal pain from 3:30 this morning which has just gone away. Had a lot of mucous last night and diarrheoa which made me nervous of preterm labour

If you're not happy keep ringing them up

hopeful31yrs Wed 05-Oct-16 09:46:40

ps im 34 weeks

Beachmum85 Wed 05-Oct-16 11:11:17

Thanks everyone. @hopeful what does BH mean?

I saw the midwife yest. Wee was clear and bp slightly raised for me (but within normal range). Baby heartbeat fine, growth normal (although seems very inaccurate just putting a measuring tape over my bump!!).

Abdominal pain thankfully subsided overnight and wearing belly band today seems to be helping too. I still have this bloody annoying headache and watery/blurry left eye which is driving me crazy, but assume it's hormones/migraine-related. Going to have an eye test at the w-end just to double check nothing else is going on.

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