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Could I be pregnant

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Kelly1989r Tue 04-Oct-16 07:16:46

Hi all 😀
I'm very new here so bare with me. Ok so I'm currently on the microgynon pill, but on the 14,15,16,17 and 18th of this monthi failed to take them. So 5 birth control pills in a row. During this time I had unprotected sex with my partner (15th 16th and 17th) I then had a 4 day bleed on the 20th. So that's 2weeks ago. I have done 3 pregnancy tests all came back negative. Could I still be pregnant ? My partner and myself have spoke about having a baby and would be thrilled. Anybody help?
Thank you in advance 😊

MissClarke86 Tue 04-Oct-16 07:21:21

You could be, or you could not be.

Try using a first response test - I'd expect that to pick something up if you were pregnant 14 days post implantation bleed (if that's what the bleed was.)

How heavy was the bleeding and was it like a normal period for you?

I plantation bleeding often happens 6-10 days after conception and is usually lighter and shorter than a period. Tbh what you have had just sounds like a period and may have been at an unusual time due to your sporadic pill taking.

The only way to know is to take another test again in a few days.

MissClarke86 Tue 04-Oct-16 07:23:17

Having read this again, I think it'd be very unlikely for your body to have triggered ovulation 1 day after missing a pill. It'd also be very unusual to have implantation bleeding that soon after conception.

I suspect you've just confused your cycle a bit.

If you really do want a baby though, why not just stop the pill completely and get to know your cycle?

Oysterbabe Tue 04-Oct-16 08:34:34

It's pretty unlikely if the tests are negative. You should be getting positives by now if you were.

ParForTheCourses Tue 04-Oct-16 08:55:47

Probably not all that likely but take an early teat at the weekendto be sure. If you now both want a baby I'd come off the pill and start trying for the future.

Dixiechick17 Tue 04-Oct-16 09:51:16

Although it wasn't a seven day break, you're body may have just seen it as a break sill as five days is quite a lot miss in a row, you're still protected on your break, but it doesn't mean to say you were. I'd give it another week and then test.

Dixiechick17 Tue 04-Oct-16 09:51:39

*your body

scaevola Tue 04-Oct-16 10:09:01

You don't say where in the pack you were, on when your withdrawal bleed would normally be. But missing that many pills does put you at risk of pregnancy, and can also in itself cause irregular bleeding. You need additional precautions for 7 days after the last missed pill day if you have missed more than one. So your 'at risk' period extended to 25th Sept.

So as you can reasonably expect reliable test results at around 14 days after conception, you need to keep testing until 9th.

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