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Dlah Mon 03-Oct-16 21:16:54

Need to rant

Why the f£&k! Are pushchairs so difficult?! Maybe it's just me/us. We've paid £650 for an Oyster 2, got it home last month and tonight (due in 3 weeks) said we'd get it sorted . .

Instructions are crap and minimal, YouTube and google no help either as all seem to start past the issue we have

Wheels on - check
But the bloody chair itself won't click on nor unfold and we are doing exactly as shown! Got to point given up as can see the plastic lever straining and now I'm worried we're gonna break it

Had to stop as on verge of tears

Will ring the shop tomorrow but majorly gutted, don't see what's being done wrong or if we just have a duff one

sad frustrated, hormonal me now in bed with a bowl of cereal as no cakes/goodies in the house trying to be good and not cry

Grrr rant over

Tomkat79 Wed 05-Oct-16 17:16:27

Did you get it sorted OP?

Dlah Wed 05-Oct-16 18:07:02

Thankfully yes,

I can only praise the local shop I got it from, I rang the next morning and was told to pop in - within 30 seconds the women who originally showed it to me opened it! #parentingfail!

I told her I was worried we'd strained the lever as we really did give it some welly - queue within 2 mins she'd ordered us a brand new chair which will be here by the weekend!

Couldn't ask for me, she said can be stiff but may have just be a bit of a duff one so no point risking it, so she sent me home with current pushchair and said keep current chair as they may not want it back so could have as a spare.

Best customer service ever and a happy mummy & daddy to be!


Tomkat79 Wed 05-Oct-16 20:27:48

Nice work! Glad all ok!

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