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12+5 cramping, spotting. Freaking out!

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user1475482703 Mon 03-Oct-16 09:28:41

Hi all. I'm 12+5 due my official 12 week scan on weds. Since Thursday I have had periods like cramps, mostly through the night. On Thursday I had a bit of spotting (mainly just a tiny blood streak in my discharge. TMI....). I work in a hospital and know a few sonographers so managed to get them to check baby off the radar - everything was fine. But this cramping has continued over the weekend and this morning I've had a bit more of the streaky dishcharge(sorry!!). I only notice it when I wipe.
This is my first pregnancy and I'm feeling so anxious. I have no idea what to expect, only that I know my body must be going though a tough time. Just have no idea why I'm cramping, and the little spotting is coming from.
Any help/advice will be so appreciated.

MrsRhubarb Mon 03-Oct-16 09:38:33

It's probably worth getting a proper referral to EPU, so as well as a scan you have someone trained in this area to answer these questions for you. Although you may have seen baby was okay, it doesn't stop you from worrying does it. If you think you can hold out until Wednesday then at least you know you have an appointment then, where you will see a midwife too, but if you can't take the stress of waiting until then it may be worth getting in touch today.

Chaseley Mon 03-Oct-16 20:27:03

Fingers crossed for your scan on Wednesday, hope everything goes well for you although if you've seen the baby & he/she is said to be fine, then I'm sure you've absolutely nothing to worry about....I've my 12 week scan on Wednesday too, just want it to hurry up so i can make sure my baby is okay! Xx

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