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What size clothes did you buy for newborn?

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lr12345 Sun 02-Oct-16 15:42:44

Hi ladies,

What sized clothes did you buy for newborn and how long did they fit them after birth?

Debating if i need bother with newborn (upto 7.5lb)? Or if upto 1 month (10lb) and 0/3 (14lb) will be enough?

I was measuring small so had a growth scan and baby was estimated 4lb at 32 weeks

Look forward to your comments

Soubriquet Sun 02-Oct-16 15:45:32

I bought newborn/first size but needed tiny baby clothes

I could have actually bought preemie clothing for ds as he was so small. Had to roll the sleeves up on the tiny baby and use preemie nappies (5lb 3oz)

strawberrypenguin Sun 02-Oct-16 15:47:51

I'd buy some newborn and some 0-3. DS2 was just over 6lb and was in newborn clothes for about a month so not that long really

Lovelongweekends Sun 02-Oct-16 15:48:36

I bought a load of new baby ones but never used them as I seem to have over 9lb-ers! Am on dc3 now and have just got 0-3 months.

NameChange30 Sun 02-Oct-16 15:50:13

I don't have a baby yet but my friends' babies all wore newborn to begin with, even the 10-pounders I think (although they obviously moved onto bigger clothes more quickly). My nephew was small and he was swamped in the newborn size, he needed tiny baby for a while.

Maybe you could wait until closer to your due date before buying lots of newborn clothes, then if baby is very big you can always return them. Seems unlikely you'll have a big baby though if you've been measuring small?

Heatherbell1978 Sun 02-Oct-16 15:50:56

DS1 was 7lb 8 and fed well after birth -didn't lose weight and stayed on 50th centile. I assumed I wouldn't need newborn as a lot of people said not to bother but he wore newborn until he was a month and then one month suits until he was two months. Then into 0-3. He was average baby sized but always seemed to stay in the size for a month longer than range suggested. He was 2 last month and will be in 1.5-2 yrs for a good few months yet I think. If your baby is on the small to average size definitely get newborn size.

CeCeBloomer Sun 02-Oct-16 15:52:25

My dd was 6.5lbs when born and was in newborn for 2 months at least

MrsBungle Sun 02-Oct-16 15:52:33

I bought 0/3 for dc1 thinking it was a waste of money to buy newborn. She was 7lbs 9. All the 0/3 drowned her! Far too big. I had to go out and get newborn stuff. Dc2 was 8lbs 5 and he grew out of newborn in about a week! I didn't get it quite right wth either of mine! I would recommend a variety of newborn, up to 10lbs and 0/3.

plimsolls Sun 02-Oct-16 15:53:24

Same as soubriquet I had to go and buy early baby/tiny baby size as she was unexpectedly small. They only lasted her three weeks or so before she was better off in newborn size.

Before she was born, I had bought newborn size and 0-3 months.

Figgygal Sun 02-Oct-16 15:54:58

Ds was a 9lber he went into up to 1 month straight away am due ds2 next week and haven't bought a single newborn item this time either they are so minuscule

mangocoveredlamb Sun 02-Oct-16 15:56:50

DD (8lb 6oz) was absolutely swamped by newborn stuff, and stayed in it for 6 weeks. I think the size ranges are a bit dodgy, because like a previous poster she was in 18-24 until about a week ago at she's 2 years and 8 months. She's not small compared to her peers, taller if anything, but they clothes just seem to be big!

NovemberInDailyFailLand Sun 02-Oct-16 15:57:01

I have big babies, so I've got 0-3 and 3-6 just to be safe smile

Oysterbabe Sun 02-Oct-16 15:57:51

DD was 4lbs 13 and in newborn until she was about 3 months. We had to go out and buy tiny baby size and size zero nappies.

NappingRabbit Sun 02-Oct-16 15:59:23

I bought up to 1 month size thinking we wouldn't really need newborn for long. They were enormous on 7lb DS and we had to order a load of newborn stuff which he wore for a full month before moving on to the stuff we had originally bought.

skyyequake Sun 02-Oct-16 15:59:53

DD was 8lb9oz and was in newborn/upto 1month untill 4weeks when we switched to 0-3... There's not much difference between newborn and up to 1month, but 0-3 swamped her to begin with...

If I were you I'd buy some packs of baby grows and vests in newborn/up to 1month and depending on when you're due maybe a little snowsuit... Then anything else you want to buy, like little dresses or outfits in 0-3 so they'll last a bit longer...

Congrats on your imminent arrival smile flowers

SmallBee Sun 02-Oct-16 15:59:54

I'd buy a small selection of newborn and 0-3 before birth. That way once you know what size you'll need you can just top up, haven't wasted any money but are prepared. With next day delivery widely available you can easily top up even if your partner or relatives can't get to the shops for you.

Spottyladybird Sun 02-Oct-16 16:02:00

I'd get a mixture and take a mixture in. DD was 8lb but was long so newborn didn't fit. This time I've been completely sad and have packed sandwich bags each with a vest, sleep suit and hat and labelled with the size from newborn, up to 1 m and 0-3m. Will put two of each in my overnight bag and leave the others for DH to grab if he needs to.

ninecoronas Sun 02-Oct-16 16:03:39

DD was 6lb 8 and still in tiny baby size at nearly 5 weeks. But if you get newborn at least you know you'll probably use them sooner or later unless you are expecting a big 'un!

Northanter Sun 02-Oct-16 16:04:48

DC1 was in newborn size for about 2 months. Would have been drowned in 0-3 at birth.

DC2 never fitted newborn size and went straight into 0-3.

Different brands are different lengths too. I would get a range from a few different shops. Asda ones were a bit shorter, so were perfect for DC1, Mothercare were much longer, but that was a few years ago so maybe things have changed.

ThinkPinkStink Sun 02-Oct-16 16:05:47

DD is due this week, and I've got a small amount of newborn stuff (5 white babygrows, five white vests) and the rest is 0-3 months.

If she turns out titchy-tiny (unlikely, as she feels like a whopper) then that'll tide us over and we may need to top-up the newborn selection.

Congratulations and good luck!!

FinallyARainbow Sun 02-Oct-16 16:07:41

We were told I'd be induced on due date and that DS was 25th percentile so went out and bought a tiny baby outfit for him to come home in. Well I was induced the next day (early) and he was 3lb 14 so DH had to go to asda and buy the preemie baby clothes. He was about 2.5 months old wearing his "coming home" outfit grin most people I know have needed the newborn, especially if from mothercare, I found their sizes quite generous/long.

SpinALittleFaster Sun 02-Oct-16 22:50:33

I mostly bought 0-3 and it was far too big. I had two sleepsuits in up to 10lbs (newborn or up to 1 month depending on the shop) and DH had to go out and buy more. DD was over 7lbs and I don't think we would have had much use of anything smaller than the up to 10lb sizes.

MyKingdomForBrie Sun 02-Oct-16 22:52:41

DD is in newborn which are a little big for her and she is 7lb5. I would definitely buy newborn.

Joinourclub Sun 02-Oct-16 22:56:49

I only bought 0-3 for dc2 as Dc1 was a whopper. Hilariously huge on her and had to send family out to get newborn size. Dc2 now 5 months and still in 0-3 sleep suits.

Barefootcontessa84 Sun 02-Oct-16 23:21:38

Taking the question a slightly off topic, if you bought a mixture of sizes, I assume you can't take any back once you've washed them (which I thought you were supposed to do...?)

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