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Lighthearted - weekend early pregnancy problems

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SaltedCaramelEverything Sun 02-Oct-16 08:08:04

I'm 8 weeks and fortunately don't have morning sickness so hiding my pregnancy at work has been fine. However - it's not so easy at the weekends!

Last week we went to a BBQ at the in laws. I realised I hadn't read by baby buddy app for the day - ended up pressing play (never done that before!) so had to run out the room and make a noise so they didn't hear. I also had to get the halloumi wrapper out the bin when no one was looking to check it was made with pasteurised milk. As well as the usual turn down the offer of wine (rare for me!).

Roll on 4 weeks til we can tell people. Anyone else ended up in similar awkward situations?

MrsGsnow18 Sun 02-Oct-16 09:26:00

I think everyone around me is still oblivious but I've been turning down wine and cups of tea ( that aren't decaf, so everywhere that's not my home basically) and also turned down home made ice cream this weekend as it wouldn't have been pasteurised.
So basically everyone now thinks I'm on a strict diet I think!

SaltedCaramelEverything Sun 02-Oct-16 09:52:41

MrsGSnow - I think I would have found turning down homemade ice cream even harder than wine (and actually not even thought I couldn't eat it - so thanks for the heads up there)

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