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Miscarriage at 7-8 weeks - herbs to help pass the sac?

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user1475308460 Sat 01-Oct-16 09:09:59

Dear all,

This is relating to my sister. She has miscarried at approx 7-8 weeks and is hoping to pass the sac naturally (is that the right terminology?).

I read some of the past posts on this topic and have sent them to my sister so she knows what to expect (she's in Ireland which is a pretty tight-lipped society on all matters female).

I was wondering if anyone knew of any herbs or supplements which hastened the breakdown of the sac? Does parsley tea work?

Thanks in advance.

Wonderflonium Sat 01-Oct-16 09:12:42

I don't know anything about which herbs exactly but I do know you should be really careful. Some herbal remedies, even though they are natural, can be strong and cause unexpected side effects.
Maybe some camomile tea to help with the cramps?

Whatsername17 Sat 01-Oct-16 11:00:11

I had a natural miscarriage (not by choice) and it took 5 weeks from my baby dying to passing everything. I was 8 weeks when my baby died. Found out at a scan at 11 weeks and the hospital wouldn't help me because it was Christmas and they had limited staff. They told me to expect a heavy period, which started the day before they were due to rescan me to confirm that my baby hadn't grown (protocol and utter bollocks - I'd had 2 scans that both said the same thing.) I bled heavily and then passed everything on the 9th day in what felt like labour I would have been 13 weeks. I had contractions and it was so similar to labour with my dd I thought I was going mad. The remains were the size of my palm. I would never advocate a natural miscarriage and I think it's dangerous to mess with herbs etc. My heart goes out to your sister but if she has the option of medical intervention I'd suggest going that route. If not, look at the miscarriage association website. Tell her to think about what she'd want to do with the remains and have a box on stand by if she doesn't want to flush the chain. Make sure she knows the signs of infection - I had an infection after everything had passed and ended up on some pretty nasty antibiotics. I buried my baby in a planter in the back garden which helped me to grieve. . I'm so very sorry for her loss.

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