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Were spicy foods spicier?

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Notsure1234 Fri 30-Sep-16 21:24:01

Just wondering if anyone else had this experience as an early pregnancy symptom? Things I have eaten before suddenly seem spicier. It's about a week until my period is due.

Not actively ttc but not using protection either. Ds took years to come along so not expecting it to happen so soon. If it does will be earlier than I'd like but a welcome surprise smile

Dixiechick17 Fri 30-Sep-16 21:54:29

I actually found that I had more tolerance to spicey foods and was happily eating chilli peppers, after pregnancy I went back to finding the slightest thing far too hot.

Metalhead Fri 30-Sep-16 22:03:19

I had it whilst I was breastfeeding DD1 (but not DD2 strangely).

Notsure1234 Fri 30-Sep-16 22:26:42

It's very weird. Dh had the same food and thinks it's the same as always.

May be me or a possible 'symptom'.

I can't wait for next Friday now! I'm intrigued.

Thanks for the responses so far

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