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Does/has anyone use/used numbing cream, for the blood tests?

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TaperSchool Thu 29-Sep-16 17:48:45

I know I'm being silly, but I have a genuine fear of veins. It's not the pain, or the needles, but the veins, so whenever I've had blood tests (not pregnancy related) I've used numbing cream.

I'm going for my first pregnancy blood test and am really worried, so I think I'm going to put the cream on. They use your arms, not hands, right? Or should I do all 4?

Does/has anyone else do/done this?

Womble75 Thu 29-Sep-16 17:52:40

Yes usually arms. I have bloods done every 2 weeks and I always have it from my arms. Usually get asked which one or I tell them.

Salmiak Thu 29-Sep-16 17:54:48

Not me, but my ds is 2 and has relatively frequent blood tests. He gets the cream (apply 30 mins before, then wrap in clingflim). It seems to do the job very well, he hasn't cried once (and he's still so little that his reaction to pain is crying).

Also make sure your hands/arms are toasty warm, this will make it easier to have the blood taken.

Teakind Thu 29-Sep-16 18:01:33

Hi, numbing cream wouldn't really help if veins are your issue I don't think. Make sure you drink lots of water and it will all be over very quickly. I used to be seriously terrified but having had to have deal with them frequently because of fertility issues I just don't look and count backwards from 30. I've had the numbing cream before and it makes your skin look weird so I'm not sure if that would be worse for you if you don't like veins?

I wish you the absolute best of luck as worrying about these things is stressful.

TaperSchool Thu 29-Sep-16 18:05:39

It does smile as I don't feel it, so it doesn't even make me think of the vein, it's strange grin I've used it twice, but for blood tests that were not pregnancy related. I was just wondering if anyone else does it really!

Thanks everyone

Trulyamnearanear Thu 29-Sep-16 19:44:37

Not for pg tests (obv) but my DH does whenever he has to have a blood test. He's quite phobic. The nurses have always been supportive of it. It's worked and not been a problem.

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