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Bloating/weight gain in early pregnancy?

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growcookeat Wed 28-Sep-16 19:04:51

So I think I'm 8 weeks pg (waiting for MW appointment) and I feel huge! I know it's not bump yet - I'm just so bloated. I have caught a couple of my colleagues looking and I know what they're thinking! Been feeling nauseous constantly through the day so have tried to spread out what I would normally eat into smaller portions through the day. I'm eating more carb heavy meals though. I definitely look like I'm putting on weight but only on my tummy.

Anyone have any tips for coping with nausea without putting on more weight?

Please someone tell me you had this? Did the bloating ease off Or just morph into a baby bump?

Tashabee18 Wed 28-Sep-16 20:17:04

I'm only 6 weeks into my first. both of my sisters swear by ginger biscuits though to help with the nausea, its helping me.

MissyLP Wed 28-Sep-16 21:04:41

I'm also 8 weeks and feel exactly the same!! I'm naturally v petite and my belly is huge. It's got to be bloating but so worried I've put on loads of weight. I'm also nauseous the whole day and find eating is the only way to reduce it. My colleagues must have noticed I'm eating more - they have made comments. It's so hard to hide!!

happydays00 Thu 29-Sep-16 10:59:22

OP I think my belly was bigger when I was 8 weeks than it was when I was 14 weeks. I was so bloated - I really sympathise as I found it very uncomfortable. I am (was!) petite and always had quite a flat belly and I was sure my colleagues had noticed: I did find that when I swapped jeans for leggings or looser dresses I was a little more comfortable. Re the nausea (again, awful) I found that sucking mints or boiled sweets helped and is less noticeable than constantly snacking on ginger biscuits.

Congratulations on your pg and good luck!

growcookeat Thu 29-Sep-16 19:52:46

Ah good to know I'm not the only one ladies!

Tashabee I've got some ginger cordial which works sometimes but haven't tried ginger biscuits yet - I'll give them a go.

Missy I share your pain! Fx it will ease off for both of us in a few weeks!

Happydays thanks for the sympathy! Good to know it got better for you after a while. I am also quite petite (well short!) and have swapped to leggings already.

I got totally fed up today and stocked up on the optimistically named 'deflateze' which hopefully will help!

Good luck to all with your pgs smile

xxxjxexsxsxxx Fri 30-Sep-16 01:35:13

Hiya I need advice. I'm not sure if I am pregnant yet, I am booking a doctors appointment but everyday I feel bloated and when I lay down my belly looks a little rounder, I get cramps in my thighs and belly, I always feel hungry like when I don't eat I feel sick until I eat something, but I feel like I have to eat something every 1/2 hours and I get back pain in my lower back when I lay down, could you give me any advice before I make a doctors appointment?x
Thankyou xx

djs2312 Mon 03-Oct-16 14:27:27

xxxjxexsxsxxx - I am having similar symptoms!

djs2312 Mon 03-Oct-16 14:36:41

I think I might be pregnant but I'm really unsure.

I've been on the pill since I was 13 (22 now) but I'll be honest in saying I'm not the most religious taker. Nothing worse than missing 1 pill every now and then and usually take my pill in the morning but sometimes I'll forget and take it around 7pm at night.

Recently I've been having the strangest symptoms. I have normal blood pressure and I eat my breakfast around 11am every morning (too busy getting to work to have it any earlier). Last week on two occasions I felt really sick and dizzy, almost lightheaded. I heaved and think that if I would have retched hard enough I could have been sick. I'm super tired recently had a couple of headaches. My boobs are unusually tender and this past week I've been experiencing severe burning at the top of my stomach, almost like indigestion and heartburn, constantly feeling gassy and as though I need to burp. My stomach is constantly bloated as if I've eaten a big meal, I have celiac and diverticulitis in my family which I've had blood tests before and been tested for along with IBS and come up negative so I know its not that.

I've taken two pregnancy tests and both have come up negative. I've been having periods as normal on the pill. Last month I may have missed a pill but I cant really remember so theres a chance my pill wasnt as effective last month. Has anyone else experienced this sort of thing? I have a friend who didnt find out she was pregant until 10 weeks before she was due and had no symptoms, periods and was on the pill as normal! This cant happen to me, I really need to know!

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow but just wanted some advice/opinions. Anything would be great!

xxxjxexsxsxxx Mon 03-Oct-16 16:12:59

I've had 2 periods since the time that I last had sex but they've been shorter and a little lighter, but this month I haven't had one? I'm quite concerned TBH because my stomach does feel bloated a lot, I've not really felt like eating much today and I've felt quite sick aswell but that's just today, the bloating seems to be every day and same with tiredness and headaches I get sometimes, just a bit unusual for mr as my periods use to last 5 days before the last time I had sex but last 2 they've been for 3 days and lighter and as I said this month I haven't had one xx

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