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Balloon induction

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Beth2511 Wed 28-Sep-16 13:57:32

Been booked in for an induction with the balloon within the next few days. Didn't really get a chance to ask many questions because toddler DD decided to do a monster poo and have a tantrum!

Anyway, would love to hear some success stories as dont really know what I'm letting myself in for. Had an emerg c section last time!

WhateverWillBe Wed 28-Sep-16 18:13:55

I had this with ds1.

I had pre-eclampsia so they were trying to induce me from 37 weeks.

I had 8 failed inductions with pessaries over 12 days...was a bloody nightmare. Then I had the balloon induction and I was in active labour within 3 hours. We are going back 8 years now but from what I remember it was uncomfortable but not painful.

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