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Lynnemyers Wed 28-Sep-16 07:20:05

Hello, my daughter is 6 weeks pregnant , she was having a sort of brown looking discharge on day one , for 4 days now it has gradually gone from that to bright pink to bright red colour and sometimes heavy and sometimes not., she worried it could be a misscarrage or is in implantation bleeding , she had no symptoms of miscarriage , what do you mums think ? Off to epu this am ? Worried

Suzie2287 Wed 28-Sep-16 09:13:48

Bleeding isn't always a cause for concern, but I think a trip to the EPU is a good decision! Bleeding in my first pregnancy didn't turn out well, but I'm pregnant again now, and had some bleeding a few weeks ago but it was a one off and haven't had anything since and all seems to be going well. Every pregnancy is different. Good luck at the EPU x x x

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