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Feeling ill... worries about pre eclampsia!

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TinyHumanJan17 Mon 26-Sep-16 22:13:26

Hi, im after a bit of insight from someone else really! im currently 25 weeks, have quite a serious pre existing medical condition but up until about 3 weeks ago was handling pregnancy really well. Now i just feel so so ill all the time and im starting to worry myself!

but i dont like going to the doctors etc as i dont have alot of faith in them tbh, when i was diagnosed with my illness it ended up taking them 3 years because they just kept fobbing me off and iv been hospitalised by it twice since and ignored both times until i kicked up a fuss.

i was on antibiotics last week for a suspected uti.
Ive been so exhausted all the time even after increasing my normal medication, i literally cannot do anything for more than 2 hours or i just physically cant function. ive been getting really bad headaches and occasionally seeing white dots in front of my eyes alongside feeling extremely sick. i keep getting a pain under the bottom of my rib cage and up into my left shoulder, have been having to pee every 20 minutes. i generally have really low bp (its normally under 100) but this week its been around 110 which i know isnt classed as high normally but is a little high for me. iv somehow gained 3lbs in 3 days, despite having barely any appetite from feeling sick so much. i have depression and anxiety anyway but have found iv also been suffering with my anxiety really badly for the last month, everything has been making me so nervous.

am i just reading too much into things and it is just general pregnancy feeling crappy?

Becciilouisex3 Tue 27-Sep-16 02:39:06

Always get PE looked into if you think you have it as it's extremely serious! Can very likely be deadly if left untreated!
No one else can say what your symptoms are as you can experience symptoms of PE as part of a healthy pregnancy. The tiredness is relatively normal (I know how difficult it can be when if makes you feel half dead!!) and I'm reasonably sure that your urine output decreases with PE. As for your BP, they use both numbers to decide what is normal as the gap between the 2 comes into play however, 110 is very healthy (assuming it's over 70 or 80 or something like that) and not something a doctor will diagnose as high. Even if yours is usually 100, it's not a large increase and it blood pressure does fluctuate throughout the day slightly. I've been told by my midwife that as a general rule, You have to have BP of at least 140/90 to be diagnosed with hypertension and then PE if it is there.

The most concerning symptoms you have are your flank pain and headaches/dizziness. The reason you get these symptoms is because of the increase in BP. I've been told it's severe pain that painkillers don't really touch and it doesn't go away - but I couldn't say for sure as I've never had it.

It's really important that you let the midwife know about the symptoms you're having and your worries. They'll check your BP and urine for protein. I'm hoping you'll be fine as it seems most women don't have their PE come on until the 3rd trimester but it is possible to be diagnosed after 20 weeks and even in the first trimester for some so it definitely needs investigating. No one else can tell you for sure what is going on and it's very dangerous for you and baby if something serious is going on.

Hoping this is all part of glorious pregnancy for you! Good luck smileflowers

Mummyme87 Tue 27-Sep-16 07:41:45

Either call your midwife or see your GO. You should have your BP and urine checked. Probably suggest checking your HB aswell. Headaches, blurred vision and tiredness are all signs of anaemia

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