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Reduced movements - 30 weeks

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happydays00 Mon 26-Sep-16 16:02:55

Advice needed please: I have anterior placenta so the movements have always felt a little sporadic: I have days where I feel, and can see, movements for most of the day. On other days, I really have to focus in order to feel anything and will have to drink a cold drink and lie down to feel these.

I haven't felt concerned by this as there is now almost a pattern in their irregularity but when I saw the midwife last week she really told me off about this and said that if I notice any reduction in movements I should be calling the hospital.

On Saturday I had a day of reduced movements so called the hospital who asked me to go in: 3 hours later (!!!) they hooked me up to a monitor where we could hear the baby's heartbeat and could see that the baby was moving continuously (I just couldn't feel it). The midwife said it is actually an extremely active baby!

So where to go from here? I'm concerned that I will be at the hospital at least 3 times a week if I go in every time there is a reduction in movements; but equally I feel like a fool to disregard medical advice.

mustthinkofabetterusername Mon 26-Sep-16 16:40:46

I guess it's a tricky one if the placenta is blocking/reducing the sensation of movements regularly.

In theory, you should go get checked EVERY time you notice a reduction in what is normal movement for your baby.

You're the Mammy, any concerns, just go.

Although I know in the real world we're all busy with commitments etc.

But I guess the question to ask yourself when considering whether to go in or not, is:
if I don't go in, and there was something wrong that wasn't picked up on, how would things be? (medical consequences for baby, medical consequences for you, emotional consequences for you).

Baz13 Mon 26-Sep-16 18:04:05

I understand exactly how you feel happydays, I also have an anterior placenta, it is sometimes hard to feel movements and I can sometimes go nearly a whole day and realise I haven't felt many movements. I have been up to the day assessment unit on a trace and like you feel I would be up there a lot when I don't feel as many movements .

One of my mw said not to worry as having an anterior placenta is harder to feel the kicks and movements and another of my mw said that's nonsense and that having an anterior placenta, although it affects how much you feel, I should still be feeling her move and anything that is not normal for my baby than to ring up- that's what they are there for.

I just feel like such a pain and making a nuisance - as soon as i'm put on the trace all seems well - but it is better to be safe than sorry smile

Bongbingboobingbongbing Mon 26-Sep-16 18:11:48

I have an anterior placenta and have quiet days too where I really have to focus to feel anything. The midwives at the hospital say that on quiet days I should lie down for an hour and count the kicks. Any less than 10 kicks in 2 hours and they want to see me. Touch wood every time I've laid down and concentrated I've felt 10 moves in 30 or so minutes, so I am still getting movement but depending on the babies position depends how strong the movements. The midwives said don't worry about strength of kicks, just that you feel some sort of movement. I think when the baby moves position along with my anterior placenta that sometimes you really have to concentrate to feel anything and if you're busy/running around its so subtle you don't really notice it.

happydays00 Mon 26-Sep-16 18:35:18

bongbing thanks, that's helpful! Before I called the hospital on Wednesday I had a cold drink, lay on my left side and counted 10 kicks in an hour so because of that, I was surprised they still wanted to see me.

mustthink what you said about how I would feel if I didn't go and there was something wrong is exactly right! This is why I feel so torn!

Perhaps I'll try and find a space/time at work to lie on my side and count kicks in the day time , rather than getting to the end of the day and then thinking I've felt nothing all day. Thanks for all your advice!

Bongbingboobingbongbing Mon 26-Sep-16 19:11:01

I'm on mat leave now, so it's easier, but after lunch every day I'll lie on one side and check. This baby is back to back apparently too so it's even harder to feel!

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