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Pregnancy and anxiety

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butterfly92 Mon 26-Sep-16 06:56:11

Hi all. In 3 weeks i will have my baby in my arms and i honestly cannot wait because for the duration of my pregnancy ever since i started to feel my baby started moving that is when panic sets in. Before that i always used my fetal doppler and private scans for reassurance. When i wake up in the mornings i expect him to move and if he hasn't moved in half hour (intervened everything such as prodding moving drinking water etc) then i use my doppler then he starts moving! Typical. I have thought about going in maternity for reduced movements but then he starts moving normally so i dont bother but this anxiety is eating away at me i am so scared that i am going to lose him before i get a chance to meet him :'(
I won't b able to cope

butterfly92 Mon 26-Sep-16 07:37:52

My midwife isnt very helpful she just tells me to go if i have reduced movements or none at all

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