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20week scan advice

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louiseplusditi Sun 25-Sep-16 20:54:00

On 23rd September my partner and I went for our 20 week scan, I drank LOADS! Infact so much that I had to pee, but kept drinking more and more so my bladder was full...
It seems that my baby is a troublesome one! At the 12 week scan the lady who did our scan managed to check what she had to but when she took a photo it turned over so she couldn't get one...
Anyway at the 20 week scan, even with a full bladder she struggled to complete it because it hid under my belly button and she said it's hard to scan properly when they do this, she checked some things but asked me to drink more and walk for 15 mins so we did this and still didn't complete the scan cos it was still hiding!! So now we have to go back this Wednesday!

My cousin said she was told to eat skittles and a sugary drink and it made the difference...

I can't help but feel gutted when it happened last week & really hope when I go back he/she isn't being naughty again lol!

Any advice on what I might be able to do to make sure she can see the baby clearly?

Whatsername17 Mon 26-Sep-16 06:04:16

I didn't have a full bladder at all for my 16 week or 20 week scan. I was told I didn't need one as baby is bigger. Trying drinking orange juice an hour before - sugary drinks tend to get them moving. With my first dd I had to do star jumps in the scan room as she had her feel under my bladder!

Scarydinosaurs Mon 26-Sep-16 06:16:54

Sweet drinks should work!

BellMcEnd Mon 26-Sep-16 06:29:06

I had this problem too: sonographer told me to drink Coca Cola (not the diet one). It worked as DS3 looked like he was in a night club. This was 3.5 years ago so I don't know if they'd still recommend this.

Good luck and congratulations!

louiseplusditi Mon 26-Sep-16 08:41:39

Thanks for the advice everyone :-)
I am going to try drinking and eating some sugary things...good excuse for a sweet treat ;-)

CurlsLDN Mon 26-Sep-16 08:44:25

I was told there's no need to fill your bladder for the 20 week scan, as by that point the baby will have popped up out of your pelvis anyway. So just drink as normal

bobcat85 Mon 26-Sep-16 10:40:35

I asked the same question regarding a full bladder at my 20 week scan and the reason you fill your bladder is so they can see the placenta. It's not to do with seeing the baby as such.

louiseplusditi Mon 26-Sep-16 11:22:30

Ohhhh really? My hospital letter said to arrive with a full bladder...I asked the receptionist as I thought I was gonna pee myself and my appointment time was creeping up and she said to half empty it lol!! Jeez like that's possible !

I'll just drink normal and try some sugary things too.

nataliefruit Mon 26-Sep-16 19:24:28

We had this and had to go have a walk & some sugar to get him to move. When we went back in he was in exactly the same position and we were very nearly sent away to come back another day but baba moved at the last minute & she was able to see what she needed to. When they sent us away I went and bought some harribo sweets & a fizzy juice drink & walked for ages before going back in & it didn't immediately have any effect but after a little while he did shift grin

louiseplusditi Mon 26-Sep-16 19:39:13


Well looks like I'm going to have to drink something and eat something sugary on Wednesday! I am so desperate to see him/her and make sure everything is okay!

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