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Braxton many is normal??

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WickerHearts Sun 25-Sep-16 14:05:13

I'm 32 weeks pregnant and getting so many braxton hicks, especially today. This morning they were quite regular and must have had them about every 5 minutes, slowed down a little and now are pretty regular again.
This is my first pregnancy so not very clued up, just wondered if this is normal?!

Thanks in advance for replies smile

Trifleorbust Sun 25-Sep-16 15:16:19

Apparently so, yes. I'm 29 weeks and have been getting them quite a bit today. I think the difference is the BH won't be painful or intensify.

WickerHearts Sun 25-Sep-16 18:46:28

That's reassuring, thank you.
I just wasn't sure having so many of them was normal, as I read somewhere that braxton hicks could come one or twice an hour...well in an hour this morning I'd had about 10/11 blush
They're not painful so isn't early labour, just very odd having such a lot of them.

Congratulations on your pregnancy by the way smile

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