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MintTpls Fri 23-Sep-16 21:30:28

A few years ago I had a EMC and was considering to go for VBAC this time.
Went for VBAC clinic to discuss but I have since been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, currently diet controlled.
Prior to being diagnosed, I was told that the process is not to induce for VBAC due to risks of scar rupture etc.
Does anybody know what happens if you hit 39 wks and no sign of baby wanting to evacuate on their own?

Tomkat79 Sat 24-Sep-16 00:43:43

Have an ask to see if your hospital does the balloon induction? A non drug option that doesn't increase risk.
I'm booked for another section @ 41w and am praying for a vbac before!

MintTpls Sat 24-Sep-16 22:56:29

Oh I hadn't heard of that type before, will make a note to ask. Thank you.

Baz13 Sun 25-Sep-16 17:48:55

My first child was an EMC and my second was a VBAC delivery, I was induced for my second- they told me I could only push for an hour due to possible scar rupture.
I pushed for an hour with no joy, so was taken to theatre for a c-section; I really didn't want another one and whilst being prepped with an epidural the midwifes told me to push as I was having a contraction and luckily for me, my dd was born by VB.

I had 3 stretch and sweeps at 39 weeks with my second child and was 2-3 cm for a week with no progression, that's why I was then induced with a drip and she came at 40+2. My reasons for being induced were because my dd was measuring big.

I'm now expecting my third child and although there are no complications with baby, there have been with me - seeing the consultant again in 2 weeks when I will be 37 weeks to discuss whether I will be induced early again- (baby measuring above average- but not drastically). Tbh I have had enough of being pregnant and feeling like crap all the time, so would welcome an induction!

No idea what your mw will do if there is no sign of your LO coming by 39 weeks- maybe ask at your next appointment, especially if they are saying they won't induce you. I also have never heard of the balloon induction, might be worth asking about that.

How far gone are you Mint? Good luck with your pregnancy smile

MintTpls Sun 25-Sep-16 20:22:12

37wks tomorrow, feeling a bit apprehensive about the whole thing ( VBAC/inductions). Starting to wonder if I should be thinking ELC instead as hear the recovery from them are better than EMC.
Can't seem to make up mind either way.

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