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Starting exercise in early pregnancy

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ImogenTubbs Fri 23-Sep-16 10:51:31

So three weeks ago, DH and I finally signed up to the gym and started our much overdue new joint exercise regime. I'm about 1.5 stone overweight, and quite active, but not fit (couldn't run a 10k).

Two weeks ago I discovered that I am pregnant with DC2 (very happy news).

I really want to keep the exercise up as I think being fitter and stronger can only help, particularly when I have a new baby and a toddler to contend with!!

But I really want to get the balance right so I'm having some impact without overdoing it. And this morning I found a bit of spotting in my underwear after a workout (it's stopped now). I had quite a bit of spotting with DD1 so I'm not worried (yet), but I'd love any advice or tales of similar experiences, things I should watch out for. I'm 6w pg, btw.

Thanks in advance!

ohnonotanother1 Fri 23-Sep-16 19:54:30

Watching keenly - I could have written this post and would love to know the answers!

ImogenTubbs Fri 23-Sep-16 20:30:00

Hopefully someone with some experience will come along soon... smile

Melmam Fri 23-Sep-16 20:38:07

Hey not sure if this will be of any help I'm also pregnant with Dc2 I've had to get physio and the physoteraphyist said that they recommend not to work out in the gym or keep it to a minimum in your first trimester not sure if the same rule goes for the uk I'm in Ireland.. Congradulations on the pregnancy exciting times ahead

Wonderflonium Fri 23-Sep-16 20:48:41

When I had my eggs transferred the fertility clinic said that walking, cycling and swimming were all fine but higher impact stuff like aerobics and running was off the menu. So, stationary bike and a swim?

Congrats! flowers

ImogenTubbs Fri 23-Sep-16 21:30:04

Thank you. I've switched from running machine to cross trainer because it's not as high impact, but maybe should stick to the bike for a bit. I find swimming for exercise super tedious!!!

Also doing some light weights. I know it's not a good idea to lift anything heavy or strain because of ligament stretching, but thought maybe some light reps would be ok...?

Wonderflonium Sat 24-Sep-16 06:33:08

Yeah, if you go for more reps rather than more weight, it's probably fine? Does your gym have the elastic band thingies? They might be good for resistance training too.

pinkiponk Sat 24-Sep-16 07:00:12

I run, and it's fine. The main advice I've had (from doctors), is that you shouldn't overheat and if you can maintain a conversation throughout your workout, you're definitely safe.
They also warned me about the hormones that relax your ligaments so to be a bit more careful when I run. I've taken up swimming which has been great, as it's easier than running when carrying extra weight!
There's evidence to suggest keeping up exercise can make for an easier labour as well!
With weight training, it's safe to maintain fitness and not try and increase the weight. Don't do anything lying on your back (like bench pressing), and don't do anything that would impact on your abdomen, so the elastic band suggestion would work to be safe!

ImogenTubbs Sat 24-Sep-16 10:45:32

Thank you - elastic bands is a good idea. I think they have them.

MistyBxx Wed 25-Jan-17 15:06:24

Hi all,
Ttc #1
Cycle 5

So I was wondering this very thing myself, I am not overweight but am very unfit (get out of puff running upstairs lol) so have been attending a gym since July last year (mainly to look good for my wedding last sept!) it's been quite a struggle to get the motivation back since the wedding has been and gone and I now only attend circuits once a week.

As I'm in the 2ww ttc, I could potentially be pregnant as we speak (4dpo so no obviously symptoms yet) but I had a circuits class last night. My class is only an hour once a week but is quite high intensity, lots of running, jumping, floor work, weights, pulling, pushing, the lot, I am sweating pints and exhausted by the end!

I was taking it particularly easy last night, didn't really push myself although my stomach and leg muscles are aching today so I definitely did some work.

Because of my position, I briefly spoke to the trainer about exercising while pregnant (he is a qualified personal trainer and offers specific classes and workouts for pregnancy) and he said that during the very early stages, it's advisable to continue exercising as normal and then once you get a bfp, to maybe adjust the workout. I didn't chat to him for long about it, but the general impression I got was that he was not concerned that I was taking part in circuits (perhaps he could see I was taking it easy on myself lol) and did say that whereas in the past it was advised to rest and avoid any exertion, exercise is actually really beneficial for a comfortable pregnancy and labour and that the only thing that could hold people back is the fatigue.

BUT that's as far as I got. As I say, I'm not ever pg yet and have never been, but this is something I wanted to look into and find out more about as I was always under the impression lifting was a no-no, as was sit-ups and ab-working exercises!

If I'm lucky enough to get a bfp in 11 days, I will certainly have a more in depth chat with him and report all his recommendations smile

arbrighton Wed 25-Jan-17 15:13:43

I have to admit I was too exhausted for most of first trimester to have continued rowing and running as I did previously. Now in second trimester, I'm starting to struggle in my boat as I don't bend in the middle so may have to start swimming instead. I've stopped running as my proper sports bras no longer fit and I don't want to buy kit i'm only going to wear for 6 months.

But I know people who rowed up to about 3 days before going into labour, who ran til probably 30 weeks plus and everything on the scale.

Generally I thought advice was keep doing what you already do, do try to be mobile, e.g. walking can actually get you pretty fit (and I have dog to walk each day anyway) but if it hurts/ uncomfortable, stop.

I stopped lifting (HEAVY) weights too but that seems to be as much about the fact your ligaments etc relax so you're more likely to injure yourself. Lifting light is supposed to be ok if you already do it.

As for core/ abs, think advice is not lying on your back after first trimester, and if you get to the point where your abs separate, then you change it.

MouseLove Wed 25-Jan-17 18:55:08

Stick to bike and cross trainer. If you want to use a treadmill just walk. I wouldn't lift weights if you've not done that before. Maybe try some squats and lunges too. You can YouTube how to do them safely during pregnancy.

I find bike and cross trainer fine for a good work out. I'm 8+2. 👍

Chlo22 Wed 25-Jan-17 20:02:30

I'm 4 + 5 days so very early on but went to the trainer today and did a workout. He knows as I didn't want to take any risks and do usual, quite intense workout (been ttc for 14 months.) workout was good and took it easy but had some light brown spotting afterwards. I had an ectopic when I was only 21 (11 years ago) so went to the Epu unit at my local hospital to get checked out and all seems ok. So question is do you think it could be over exertion from the exercise? Or just implantabtion bleeding? The doctor said it was quite common in early pregnancy? They booked me in for a scan next Thursday so going to stop exercise until after that anyway x

LondonGirl83 Wed 25-Jan-17 21:02:39

The advice is don't do anything more strenuous than you were doing before getting pregnant so if you were lifting light weights before then you should be fine. Also, don't do anything that will make you overheat but moderate intensity aerobic exercise isn't just safe but recommended for all pregnant women. Squats are really good during pregnancy as well.


MistyBxx Wed 25-Jan-17 21:22:37

Loads of fab info on here, thanks all!
I love squatting! I can do it for ages! I don't have the kardashian butt though so defo not doing enough 😂 upper body is a real struggle for me, wobbly belly and weak arms!
My circuits class isn't too hot this time of year but is unbearable in summer. It is quite intense, I'm shattered in the first 10 mins warm up and almost shaking by the end lol. But depending on how I'm feeling (like recently) I'm not overdoing it.
I'm not pg yet and won't know until 2ww is over but good to know smile

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