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Steriliser and breast pump?

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Stilldreamingofsun Thu 22-Sep-16 13:38:19

Just wanted to know if I should pick these up before I go into the hospital? I'm thinking I will need the steriliser at some stage anyway. FTM so not sure how I will go with breastfeeding? All advice welcome!

Artandco Thu 22-Sep-16 13:42:28

I wouldn't buy before

I breastfed and gave occasional bottle. I never sterilised. Sterilisers don't even exists in America for bottles. Just wash in hot soppy water, rinse and air dry. They become unsterile as soon as you take out of sterilisers so seems pointless doing that then throwing in bag as is sterilie later. Plus babies lay on the floor in mats that armed sterile, chew toys which aren't sterilie etc. By 4 months mine could also crawl around so could lick anything

melibu84 Thu 22-Sep-16 13:46:25

We ended up buying a Phillips Avent Starter kit before we went to the hospital, but only because it was 50% off. You don't really need to buy anything beforehand, as it will take a few days for your milk to come in anyway, and you might find that you don't need the bottles. The first couple of days you will just have the colustrum (spelling is probably wrong), and it's a really tiny amount, too little for a breastpump. It's more effective to manually express. Generally, newborns don't need much until a few days later when your milk comes in properly.

TopsyZZZ Thu 22-Sep-16 13:53:00

I bought before, my reasoning was the same, I didn't know how I would go with breastfeeding. It came in really handy once we got home though as midwife gave me a hand for first use. Baby was forever hungry so it helped that dad could take over some feeds. She didn't seem to have any nipple/ bottle confusion, I don't know if this is just because she was so hungry she'd take it out of anything... I only sterilised the bottle, especially for storage, the rest I just washed in hot soapy water. In honesty I ended up having a C section and would not have been able to go out and buy anything the first couple of weeks after the birth even if I wanted to.

BeardMinge Thu 22-Sep-16 21:38:20

I wouldn't bother, you can buy them online with next day delivery if you need them.

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