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MumToBe2015R Thu 22-Sep-16 00:40:59

So I have a 13m old which we finally conceived after 4years of trying.

Has PCOS & over weight so didn't have regular periods, went on a diet lost 15kg approx & periods became regular & became pregnant. Since having LO periods have been regular with the odd month it's been 1 day late/early.

This time I should have come on my period on the 14th September - and I haven't shock don't know how I feel abit this tbh, if I am pregnant of course will be over the moon but just week we could of waited a few years before no2.

Could I be pregnant?

Scared to do the test if I'm honest.... Picked up a pack of 2 today from boots so thinking to do it first thing in the morning... I've been feeling a little bloated & tired...

Anyone been in the same position? Results?

Thank you x

MumToBe2015R Thu 22-Sep-16 08:42:21

Done a test at 8am this morning with the first wee but it was negative.... Why is my period late then?

jwww Thu 22-Sep-16 08:53:23

Hi I'm pregnant with my first but my first couple tests came back as negative, I later found it was because I ovulated late, at the time there wasn't enough of the hormone present in my system to show up on the test.
Although saying this, according to the nhs website, you can miss up to 3 periods due to stress, illness or anything number of things and it not be cause for alarm. Without going to the doctors and asking for a blood test it's just a waiting game!

MumToBe2015R Thu 22-Sep-16 09:55:48

When I fell pregnant with my first I was 6days late when I tested & it came back positive. Saying that all pregnancies are different, do have another test so will try that in a few fays anyway if I don't come on my period by then.... It's mixed emotions for me, don't know if I'm ready for no2 right now lol! Although seeing the negative test this morning did upset me a little... Weird lol x

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