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Pregnancy buddy?

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MaisyL68 Wed 21-Sep-16 22:43:21

Hi ladies! I'm just over 8 weeks pregnant with my first, I was woundering is there anyone else around 8weeks? I'm looking for a friend who I could message every now and again see if we are feeling the same and just share our experiences, sorry if it's a strange question! Just be nice to know someone who's going threw the same thing at a similar time.

happylass Thu 22-Sep-16 06:51:13

Your best bet is the Ante-Natal Clubs board. There'll be a thread full of people due around the same time. Good luck!

AuntieStella Thu 22-Sep-16 06:59:42

It's not strange - there's a whole topic for it!

Over here

AuntieStella Thu 22-Sep-16 07:01:44

Probably this thread:

MaisyL68 Thu 22-Sep-16 10:41:17

Thank you ladies !

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