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Birth options after previous birth trauma

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Sweetpancakes Wed 21-Sep-16 16:35:11

Hi everyone I'm new ☺️
Just looking for some advice if that's ok? I'm currently 34 weeks pregnant with baby number 4. My previous two births were very traumatic for me (premature baby, vaginal exams in labour without consent, being pinned to the bed and a rapid labour, there is more but I would rather not go into it too much) and the idea of doing it all again is very scary right now with my due date looming.
My consultant has offered to induce me, as one part of my trauma is to do with the rapid delivery of my last child. She thinks that if I'm in a hospital setting that that can help reduce my fears, which to certain degree it will, although I am desperate to have an epidural this time due to the pain and lack of control previously.
Is there anyway given my history that I would be able to have an epidural before the induction process starts? Also, seeing as this is baby number number 4, would I need to have pessaries or would they just break my waters? I really feel like if I can't have an epidural I can't labour vaginally.
My other question is, would it be too late to ask for an elective section if they can't give me the guarantee of pain relief?
Thankyou smile, sorry if this is a bit jumbled I'm very anxious right now

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