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Subsequent birth after placenta insufficiency

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chloechloe Tue 20-Sep-16 18:53:32

I'm currently 26w with DC2. With DC1 I had the easiest pregnancy, with no problems whatsoever until my due date. I was induced 5 days overdue however, as they found I had low levels of amniotic fluid and that the placenta wasn't functioning well any more. 12 hours into the induction (without having a single contraction) I had to have an EMCS as the placenta failed which was a huge shock as it all happened so fast.

Thus time round I'd really like to have a natural birth but am concerned that, with my history, they are unlikely to let me go overdue, which may well mean another induction and a reduced chance of a natural birth.

Has anybody been through anything similar? From consulting Dr Google it seems pretty rare for this to happen and the info available is quite scarce.

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