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Different feelings during pregnancies?

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LilithNoir Tue 20-Sep-16 04:35:21

I have no children, been pregnant twice. The first time I was sick as a dog, the second I felt a little unwell. I have concerns I may be pregnant again, but I don't have that 'general unwellness that you can't explain' feeling. I have flu like symptoms, dandruff, knee pain which I haven't had in ages, I can't stop eating plain crisps & many other weird little symptoms.

I have fibromyalgia & ehlers danlos syndrome so I'm used to pain, so I can't tell if it's unusual.

My cycle used to range between 12-59 days, then I went vegan & it settled down to 34 days, but I'm eight days late with no signs of a period. I can't get into town to get a pregnancy test until the weekend due to not being able to walk too far on my own.

I just wondered if anyone felt different with multiple pregnancies?

LynseyH Tue 20-Sep-16 14:27:41

Hi there, sorry to hear of your previous losses.
I am pregnant with my 4th baby (2mc in between) and yes pregnancies can feel different.
I've had 3 boys and with each one I felt less sick and was physically sick less too. With one of the mc, I could barely lift my head, the exhaustion was unbearable (I've heard this about healthy pregnancies so not a bad sign or anything). This pregnancy had me extremely nauseous (only sick 3 times) and still can't shake off the tiredness. Also headaches have been common during this one. Currently 19+4.
Best of luck.

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