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Family keep buying me things

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user1474319850 Mon 19-Sep-16 22:21:55

Hi. I'm 7w4d and most of my family know that I'm pregnant, I originally only told my parents and my other half but then everyone seemed to find out and I'm not entirely sure how haha. Ever since finding out, my parents have been on and on sending me photos of prams and clothes and as much as I enjoyed pushing prams around mother care to test them, I'm scared they're jinxing it. My godmother bought me the first baby vests a few days ago and I'm very grateful but am i superstitious or is it jinxing it?

PeppasNanna Mon 19-Sep-16 22:27:20

I would send a general email/text /message thanking everyone for their enthusiasm but would rather no gifts until later in the pregnancy.

Good luck.

ConvincingLiar Mon 19-Sep-16 22:28:07

Cat's out of the bag now. You're not jinxing it, the success of your pregnancy is not determined by when people buy you gifts. Perhaps you can tell your family to calm down and you're feeling quite anxious and this isn't helping. Maybe tell them you'd be happy to go shopping after the 12/20 week scan?

JollyHockeyGits Mon 19-Sep-16 23:25:20

I know how worrying early pregnancy can be, it's so overwhelming. I had an early loss the first time then the second time I was petrified. But getting excited and embracing it will not affect the chances of your pregnancy being successful. It was very liberating when I told myself this and thought 'fuck it, I'm gonna go and buy some cute socks'. I didn't care that I was only 7 weeks. I figured that if the worst happened, I'd still be distraught, whether I'd allowed myself to get excited and buy cute things or not. Let them (and yourself) get excited!

Seekingmiracles Tue 20-Sep-16 08:25:53

Although I do not believe in anything jinxing your pregnancy, I can understand that it can feel a little premature.
Personally I've suffered a few miscarriages and although I've always told my parents and a couple of friends very early on, I've also made it clear that I will talk about the pregnancy on my terms. I asked them not to mention the pregnancy, let alone names/products etc until a time when I felt comfortable doing so. They were very understanding.
I'd just send a polite text as PP said, saying although you appreciate their enthusiasm and excitement it's still very early and you don't feel like you want to get into things that much... at least until you've had a good scan .
Good luck!

Titchypanda Wed 21-Sep-16 10:53:13

I put a complete ban on everyone buying anything until after 20w unless it was something we absolutely needed and was on sale. I'd thank everyone for their thoughtful gifts and ask that they wait until (whatever time you're comfortable with) to buy more as your a little inundated and want to check what you have.

In terms of jinxes, the only thing I won't do is have the pram in house before baby is born. We are currently storing things in my mum in laws garage and my parents loft. I don't want to bring things in until I'm a little further along. I'm almost 23w.

I'm a very anxious person and only now feel ready to start being hopeful that things are ok. I actually started making something for baby yesterday.

Hope all goes well for you x

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