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Carpel tunnel syndrome

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Tiredmummy247 Mon 19-Sep-16 07:28:30

Hi ladies,

Can anyone give advice on how to
Mange the pain of carpel tunnel syndrome as it's becoming unbearable especially of a evening/night time, it's already a struggle at 33weeks trying to sleep but literally getting 2 hours a night.paracetamol is not even dulling the pain.can I take anything stinger?

Thanks x X X

Rarity75 Mon 19-Sep-16 07:35:32

You need to see your GP for a referral to an occupational therapist for some night resting splints. Also try icing your wrists (wrap a bag of peas in a tea towel). On the plus side it should go once you have the baby!

waddleslikeapenguin Mon 19-Sep-16 10:25:26

Hi TiredMummy (aren't we all?), poor you, I had bad CTS in my first pregnancy and it was no walk in the park. (Now 13 weeks with No2 and the fingertips are starting to go numb already, meh!)
Have you been to see anyone about it? The night splints are a definite must, get them ASAP. They are like boxing gloves and will kill your love life but what we won't do for a bit of sleep, eh? Maybe the doc will have some additional good advice, but my personal advice is to see if you can try and treat the root of the problem (as far as is possible) rather than throwing painkillers at it every day, i.e. fight the water retention - frozen peas are great for swelling and for pain, cut out as much salt as possible, consume diuretics e.g. nettle tea, pineapple. Try not to sit at a keyboard all day if that's your line of work, see if you can be reallocated something else (doctor should provide sick note if required, they did for me anyway!)
But definitely go and get it checked out if you haven't already! Good luck!

NotmeItWasNotme Mon 19-Sep-16 10:29:41

I had terrible carpal tunnel pain when I was pregnant. I got acupuncture, and it was a miracle cure. It was gone within hours.

Nottalotta Mon 19-Sep-16 14:40:37

You need a physio referral. I had it in my first pregnancy but not too bad, it got worse after pregnancy but was gone by ds being 7months. Just starting with it a bit, mostly numbness at night. Saw physio for spd and she said I could get a physio for cts if it worsened.

Tiredmummy247 Mon 19-Sep-16 20:31:35

Thanks for the replies,sorry for being so slow,I've tried to sleep most of the day as I know I'm in for a rough night. A lot of good tips which I will give a try to,main cause I think is down to suffering with (mild) arthritis the symptoms for that have been masked by pregnancy which I was told was common,I just wasn't expecting CTS,I didn't suffer with either in my last pregnancy,I just know I can go on with a new born and a toddler with this pain. Xxxx

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