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Polyhydramnios and sweep at 40 weeks - what next?

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dodi1978 Sat 17-Sep-16 21:19:55


I am 37+2 days and have got polyhdramnious (too much water). Saw the consultant at 36 weeks and she was not majorly concerned (and neither am I, to be honest). However, she wants to see me again at 40 weeks (clinic day happens to be when I am 40 weeks exactly) and, if I haven't delivered yet, give me a sweep.

At the time, I completely forgot to ask what the next line of attack will be if the sweep doesn't work. Would they allow me to go overdue by much? Would they try other means of induction fairly quickly? And, what is the likelihood of a sweep working with this condition?

I know, I should have asked at the time. Any answers or just your experiences would be welcome!

redbirdblackbird Sun 18-Sep-16 05:22:42

I was induced at 40 weeks after a failed sweep. My consultant wouldn't let me go any further. Good luck!

KatamariDamacy Sun 18-Sep-16 07:16:24

I was induced at 39 weeks - partly due to baby having an unstable lie and flipping about all over the place. They were reluctant to sweep because his head was so high, so began with a pessary. Hope all goes okay for you.

dodi1978 Sun 18-Sep-16 20:01:34

Thanks for the answers!

I'll try to get in touch with the consultant to clarify.

My baby has been head down for ages, and, judging from where I feel the baby hickups, still is....

Oh well, we'll see! I want my bladder back and be able to bend down again, so 38 weeks would be great!

Cranb0rne Sun 18-Sep-16 20:41:10

I had polyhydramnios with my second pregnancy and went nearly 2 weeks overdue. Went into labour naturally and needed no interventions. My baby was 10 lbs!

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