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Boy or girl??

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Babynumber2nmom Fri 16-Sep-16 22:31:11

hi just wondering is there any different signs from having a boy or a girl I've had a boy and pregnancy was a breeze. I problems what so ever but this time round I feel exhausted I feel so ro and drained , the first few weeks constant nausea massive break outs on my face which I never get good tasting funny then put off eating I can't keep up 😂. This pregnancy so different from my last so now I'm thinking maybe it's a girl what do you all think? xx

LynseyH Fri 16-Sep-16 22:47:10

I've had 3 boys and mostly I found the pregnancies all were easy enough. Now pregnant with 4th and felt the same way you describe.. had a gender scan and apparently we are having a girl! Waiting for 20 wk scan next wk as convinced it's all a dream lol. Never been so spotty in my life! Congratulations!

Babynumber2nmom Sat 17-Sep-16 08:29:52

No way I've convinced myself it's a girl! Congratulations xx

DomesticAnarchist Sat 17-Sep-16 08:45:32

My first pregnancy I felt awful; sick, exhausted, generally physically and emotionally uncomfortable for the entire time. If I hadn't known I was pregnant I would have thought I was dying. I hated it. And had a DS.

Second time I felt a bit iffy around 6-8 weeks but generally felt Fantastic for the whole pregnancy. I felt like myself. I worked past my due date (went waaay overdue!). I actually enjoyed that pregnancy. It was as wonderful as people say (I thought they were making it up the previous time!).

And I had....

Another DS!

Pregnancies differ, not always related to sex of the baby. Hope you start feeling better soon, OP!

Whatsername17 Sat 17-Sep-16 08:55:27

I'm finding the pregnancy much harder. I'm more achy and tired etc. It's another girl though. It's crazy how different this baby is to my dd. She has her own personality already. When dd kicked it was much more gentle but this little one just hoofs me!

NapQueen Sat 17-Sep-16 08:58:02

Dc1 - easy pregnancy aside from morning sickness for a few weeks. Hideous labour. Girl.

Dc2 - difficult pregnancy. Brilliant labour. Boy.

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