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Stressing about being ill

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TinyHumanJan17 Thu 15-Sep-16 20:10:17

Hi, im 24 weeks on saturday, i had traces of protein in my wee on tuesday and have felt really crap all week, went to the day unit today, they tested my urine again and it came back clear but im showing all the symptoms of an infection. they told me to wait for a few days and see how i feel then go back if i still dont feel well.

but my issue is that im supposed to be at work all weekend - fri, sat, sun, mon. i would ring in sick but i suffer really bad with anxiety and ringing in sick sets me off really badly and ill spend all weekend stressing that im ok enough to be there. i work in a shop and am due to do a 4 hour shift tomorrow, and were not allowed to sit down during our shifts.

my other issue is that im supposed to have another 8 weeks before i go on maternity leave, work have already been asking whether im gonna be capable of lasting that long and im worried that if im not well that theyre gonna try and edge me towards going off early, or whether or not i am even capable of workin another 8 weeks. with the holidays iv got left to take i could technically go off in 3 weeks and start maternity at 29 weeks instead of going off at 32 starting maternity at 34 but we cant afford for me to have longer than 9 months off and i obviously wanna try and have as long as possible off after the birth.

any advice for me?

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