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UTI at 24 weeks

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Mouthofmisery Thu 15-Sep-16 19:59:33

Been having symptoms of uti since last weekend. Sent sample to Dr last Monday and received 2 messages from the practice to say no action requires on samples, on Friday and this Monday. Have seen MW and she said it wouldn't be an ITU it would be cystitis as my urine dip was negative. Have felt awful for 24 hours. Abdo pain, nausea, fatigue and fevers. Spoke to the GP today and they said they have been trying to contact me since last weds to tell me I had a UTI. It's now got worse obviously and have been started on oral antibiotics. I don't have UTI symptoms that bad any more (burning when I pee and frequency) but just feel dreadful. Like flu. Has anyone else had this and been ok? I am scared I will MC as I feel like I did after I had a MC 2 years ago and got an infection. Reassure me please

han01uk Thu 15-Sep-16 20:04:12

Hi I would get down to your delivery suite and ask for a proper screen and if necessary iv antibiotics. I am a neonatal nurse and a uti may trigger premature delivery. If you are 24 weeks your baby will be viable but it's important for him or her to stay put as long as possible. Much easier with iv antibiotics to get straight to work. They may also offer you steroids to help mature your baby's lungs. Always best to get checked out,if you're feeling so rubbish don't sit at home and worry.

sj257 Fri 16-Sep-16 11:49:17

I'm 22+2 and been feeling the same, took a sample in Tues, confirmed yesterday that I have an infection. Started antibiotics now x

Mouthofmisery Fri 16-Sep-16 21:38:18

I have to say I feel so much better already. Abdo pain gone and temperature sorted , just tired now. Also reassured by midwives. Hope you recover as quickly.

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