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5 week scan ok but now more bleeding

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user1473072700 Thu 15-Sep-16 19:40:49

So I had some light bleeding 2 days ago only lasted one day then turned brown the next day and seemed to stop yesterday. I had an early scan this morning which showed Im around 5 weeks and that the sack is in the right place. They said they cant see anything, no blood in my uterus and that it may be implantation bleeding. No bleeding today, but now ive just been to the toilet and there pink blood again. Does implantation bleeding start then stop? Im so worried which is horrid as I came home from the scan feeling so reassured. Any stories welcome, thank you!

ConvincingLiar Thu 15-Sep-16 20:52:26

With my two year old I had implantation bleeding that lasted about ten days (so might have been more than just IB), then more bleeding a few weeks later. It was all ok.

Are you booked in for another scan?

user1473072700 Thu 15-Sep-16 20:54:23

Hi thanks for replying, Ive been booked in for another in 2 weeks so fingers crossed all is ok and the time goes quickly!

Kazups22 Mon 19-Sep-16 09:42:04

Hi i had bleeding at 5 weeks which was like the kind you get at the end of your period along with light stomach cramps. It was brown so doctor wouldnt send me for a scan so i went private. Had scan at 6 weeks where heartbeat was seen. 3 weeks later i had the same type of bleeding but this time with pinkish tinge when wiping. Panic mode! Went for another scan and thankfully everything was ok again. The sonographer told me she couldnt see anywhere for the bleed to come from and that it was probably coming around the time my period normally does which was true. Happened once again but was lighter each time. I remember the complete terror and constant knicker checking! Your scan was positive which is great news and as difficult as it is try to keep positive. I really regret stressing so much throughout my pregnancy and wish i enjoyed it more especially when i look back and think there isnt much you can do either way. My dd is now 10 weeks btw smile

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