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Honest opinions of the Homerton?

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Puddingandcustard Thu 15-Sep-16 16:45:14

I know it's had pretty bad press, and is now in some kind of special measures.

But it's my local hospital. I can go somewhere else, but would like to know what people think? Honestly?

A good place to have a baby or bad??

Puddingandcustard Thu 15-Sep-16 20:34:10


christinarossetti Thu 15-Sep-16 20:40:54

I had my babies there, but most recently 7 years ago. The clinical care was very good, but the post natal pretty appalling.

Like most London hospitals, it's running at bursting point. The antenatal clinic is very busy, as are the wards. There are shortages of midwives and clinical staff in most hospitals at the moment.

Unless there is something very specific about the Homerton at the moment, I can't imagine that you'd find much different in easy travelling distance.

Puddingandcustard Thu 15-Sep-16 23:09:21

Thanks christina! I did wonder how it could vary. It seems like every hospital is too full!

I'm hoping for an early "go home" release, to be honest.

Just so nervous to use a hospital that has had such a bad past!

TheOracleAtSelfie Fri 16-Sep-16 07:17:02

Have you considered a home birth? Their home birth team is supposedly v good and you'd get excellent care.

Puddingandcustard Fri 16-Sep-16 09:46:33

I have heard that about their home birth team, oracle! I am just not sure my house is the best birthing environment. Two DCs, a little pet dog, etc.

Plus I'm a clean freak and worry that the birth might be a bit messy blush. But after reading the Which birth choices, I'm pretty confident they're safe!

I didn't have my others at the Homerton, but didn't love their births, although they were uncomplicated and fine I guess!

Soontobenewmummy Fri 16-Sep-16 10:25:19

Hello, I'm coming out of long time lurking to post on this thread as I'm due to give birth at Homerton later this year (first pregnancy). I almost darent ask, but what bad press do you mean? I had a look at the Which maternity reviews and CQC reports earlier in my pregnancy and I didn't see anything which made me think it was any better or worse than other local hospitals. I've been in to the Obstetric Assessment Unit twice in recent weeks for minor concerns and the staff have been great on both occasions - bit of a wait to see the doctor the first time.

Puddingandcustard Fri 16-Sep-16 13:01:51

Oh gosh I don't want to scare you, soontobe! I actually am hoping that the problems it had in the past might make it good now as they'll be extra vigilant.

I actually feel a bit hesitant posting this article now!

But I read a few articles like this:
(Sorry, I don't know how to make it a clicky link)

Please don't let that scare you... And hopefully others will pop on with their positive Homerton stories??

It's reassuring to know the staff have been great for your appointments. I am actually leaning towards it after watching the video of the birth centre.

The other two hospitals I gave birth in - UCH and St Thomas' - were really good, but non-existent postnatal care. Also they were just too busy, I guess like any central London hospital?

Puddingandcustard Fri 16-Sep-16 13:02:07

(Oh - it is a clicky link!)

Puddingandcustard Fri 16-Sep-16 13:17:24

Did also just come across this old thread, soontobe, which puts it into perspective a bit better:

TheOracleAtSelfie Fri 16-Sep-16 13:24:29

pudding home births are really not messy - I promise! And midwives will clear everything before you go. IMO home birth is totally the luxury option - midwife is yours and yours alone, you can make a lovely best, pool if you want it, and no post-natal ward with bright lights afterwards.

Soontobenewmummy Fri 16-Sep-16 13:33:50

Oh gosh I feel a bit naive for not knowing about this! I'm going to try not to let it worry me though - statistics on their own are sometimes a bit misleading if they're not in context. Anyway, I think it would be too much of a faff now to try and change... Good luck making your decision!

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