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Need food ideas

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babyash Thu 15-Sep-16 13:29:32

I'm nearly 17 weeks now, sickness all gone but my appetite and tastes have gone really weird!!

I hate evening meals and much rather a sandwich or cereal/toast - meaty meals turn me and I can only eat about quarter of my meal.
So my plan is to eat more during the day when I'm able to without turning my nose up......but the problem I have is I can't find a filling nutritious meal to make, or even nice snacks/filling snacks.

Any ideas would be great!! Still not gained weight despite a substantial bump so I'm keen to eat as much as I can as my overall food intake at the moment compared to before pregnancy is easier halved.

Ps. I'm a slim size 12

CuriosityDoor Thu 15-Sep-16 13:59:44

I went through this for a few weeks. I ended up eating lots throughout the day and in the evenings about 2 mouthfuls of dinner before feeling full! I work in an office so an example of what I was eating includes; wholemeal/brown bread sandwiches with cheese/fish/salad filings, M&S Balanced For You microwave meals, rice (microwaveable) veg or salad and a bit of fish. Then I'd keep a selection of fruit and some carrot sticks and munch my way through them all day. When I was feeling especially meh, fresh pasta with grated cheese was the only thing I could eat!

I also ate a lot of pan au raisin's but not sure I can count them as nutritious...!

babyash Thu 15-Sep-16 14:19:42

Thankyou. You inspired me to make a cheese salad sandwich (on wholemeal!! wink)

MonkeyToucher Thu 15-Sep-16 14:26:12

I had this too! Had to eat every couple of hours through the day and never wanted a big dinner. The best things I found were dried apricots, cashew nuts and hummus with carrot sticks - so snacks but not too unhealthy!

Birdlet Thu 15-Sep-16 14:32:59

I've had this on and off for a couple of months. I've had A LOT of sandwiches blush as they're all I can stomach some days!

Every morning I cut up a couple of apples, shake over a good squeeze of lemon juice and put them in a Tupperware in the fridge to pick on through the day. I find the sharpness of the lemon juice really refreshing as I still get the odd day where I feel really nauseous smile

Irishkez Thu 15-Sep-16 20:45:39

Oatcakes and hummus/cheese
Avocado on toast/rye
Toast and peanut butter
Peanut butter on apple slices
Buttered scone/pancake
Cheese and crackers
Pitta bread and hummus/tzatziki/guacamole etc
Toasted bagel with beans and cheese
Soup with bread dunked in
Filled wraps/baguettes
Eggs are nutritious - egg sandwich, scrambled egg on bagel, egg in a cup
Nuts to snack on
Granola and yoghurt
Salad tub - pesto/pasta/pine nuts - nice cold
Toasted malt loaf
Banana bread and glass of milk

babyash Fri 16-Sep-16 06:41:31

Great ideas Thankyou.
Had boiled eggs for tea last yummy!! Cooked extra for a sandwich today!

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