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Feeling down about pregnancy & work

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user1473891187 Wed 14-Sep-16 23:22:55

Hi there, wondering if anyone is or was on the same level as me? I'm a support worker and everyday I give my all at work. However I'm really ill at the moment and had to call in for two days sick. Had a message today asking if I'll be in Friday (for a 13 hour shift) and I replied with, unsure at present as won't know how I will feel... this point they get annoyed and say they need to know and they already have another two people off! So I just said yes I'll be in....
this keeps happening, and I'm getting no support from colleuges or management... and all I want to do is leave but I can't or I won't get very good maternity pay... which I really need when baby is born..
Sorry for being long winded but I just need advice, what do I do? What can I do?
I suffer from anxiety and it's been really playing on it for about a month now
I'm also 18 weeks pregnant
Thank you ❤️

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