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Worried about baby. 28 weeks

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user1471927379 Wed 14-Sep-16 20:52:45

Hi everyone,so been in a complete state today. I am 28 weeks pregnant and throughout my whole pregnancy i have been to the emergency triage about ten times,everyone thinks i'm a hypochondriac. So since yesterday i have been experiencing quite painful mid back & rib pain but baby was moving as normal so tried to dismiss it. This morning i woke up and was in so much pain i decided to go to the triage. When i got there they hooked me up to a monitor for 2 hours and my baby's heartbeat stayed mostly around the 147 mark but dropped dramatically to around 100 and even 50 a few times. Midwifes were intitially worried but kept me on and decided that drop was because of loss of contact after her heartbat was stable for a while. During that whole time i felt plenty of movement from my baby & doctor examined me fully and decided my back pain was due to trapped wind and basically i would just have to deal with it or could take paracetamol. Since arriving home i have been nonstop crying and feel like there's something wrong with my baby because of my back pain and the drop in her heartbeat that the machine showed. I am still feeling baby move. Just really worried. Any reasurrance ?

user1471927379 Sun 18-Sep-16 01:49:31

Don't know if anyone will see this but if you do please listen to your gut. I was in that pain all until the next day when i threw up,still had reduced fetal movement and had a tiny spot of blood. If it wasn't for the blood i wouldn't have gone to the hospital. When i got there my temperature was 38.2 and my baby's heartrate was sky high,a drip was put in my hand immediately and was shipped off to labour ward. Turns out i have sepsis. I could have died. I went into the hospital on thursday night and its now saturday and i might be able to go home tomorrow on antibiotics. Baby is doing fine. So hopefully will make it full term. Pls ftm especially,please trust your gut xx

JLeeAmor Sun 18-Sep-16 02:10:51

I'd demand them to keep me in and monitor baby closely for 48hrs even if you say you'll go private to do so, However you could be dealing with SPD (*Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction*) or something of that form that could be causing extreme amount of pressure on your back. So physio therapy might help?
Hope all is well

elliej83 Sun 18-Sep-16 02:29:53

I do think there comes a point OP too where you have to accept the advice of the professionals. Have you spoken to anyone about anxiety? It sounds like if you're going that often you could be experiencing prenatal anxiety. Your body changes so much in pregnancy you will get a lot of aches and pains. Especially back and ribs I've had no stop x

WatcherOfTheNight Sun 18-Sep-16 02:43:34

I wholeheartedly agree with the trust your gut user & I'm so glad you went back!

I'm sorry I didn't see your original post, i would've advised you to go back if you were having decreased movements.
Take things easy & try to relax, it sounds like you've had a rough time of it

user1471927379 Wed 21-Sep-16 23:45:40

Thank you girls, i came out on the following monday, i am still feeling a bit rough but i am okay now & so is baby. I will defenitely see my doctor about my anxiety but i do think its very very important to trust your instincts with things like this. X

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