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jwww Wed 14-Sep-16 17:43:56

Sorry if this is tmi!

Since about 10 weeks (now 14) every so often I get a burning sensation "down there" , feel the urge to push/pee and feel a bit swollen down there. It's on off and I can go a whole without feeling it or I can have it all day (it's not after I have sex or anything and isn't a std). In hind sight it's possibly when it's warmer. I've had UTIs before but it's not the same painful burning it feels different, not painful just irritating, and I don't think a uti would come and go as easily as this I've also had no blood in my urine as I usually get with a uti.
Has anyone experienced anything similar?

Becciilouisex3 Wed 14-Sep-16 18:33:54

It could possibly be thrush or it could be a UTI. Pre-pregnancy I suffered constantly with UTI's and have had them only a few times in my pregnancy but every time, I've never suspected having one because it feels completely different than it did pre-pregnancy. Strangely it was a lot less painful and sometimes I wasn't aware id got one until the doctor said!

Get your urine checked and maybe a swab too. Thrush is very common in pregnancy and can cause burning/swelling.

Good luck smile

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