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Horrible varicose veins, please tell me they go away?

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silverfishlondon Wed 14-Sep-16 17:28:33

First pregnancy i got few more thread veins and think they pretty much went after. This time i have UGLY PAINFUL varicous veins and SO many thread veins in patches (like behind my knee) its like whole areas are purple, bruised and even hot to the touch. On a good day its just ugly, and a bit itchy in areas- like ankles. On a bad day i am too distracted to stand still, they throb, and have to tie ice packs on them when need to stand for periods at work.

The place where the big vein meets knicker-line is completely swollen with fat veins and groin area are all swollen.

I wear highest pressure compression tights as often as i can, but cant for work (3 days a week) and also its been bloody hot some days! I try and put my feet up when my toddler has her nap.

I cant wait for some cooler weather, i feel so frumpy in thick tights when everyones wearing summer dresses, but they do seem to help.

Thanks for reading my moan! Any one else suffering? Any tips for making this better? Any reassurance they will improve or go away after pregnancy? Im olny 29 look like my grandmas legs..

WarholsLittleQueen Wed 14-Sep-16 17:38:19

I would like to say that they do, but in my case they didn't and I was like you in my 20's and felt horrible about my legs

gp refused to refer me for treatment I had to pay privately to get them fixed cost nearly 3 grand and tbh the results aren't perfect anyway sad

Tbh mine don't sound like they were quite as bad as yours so possibly you might be able to get them sorted on the nhs esp if you are in pain?

having said all that I think sometimes they do disappear? really do feel for you though x

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