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Ectopic pregnancy?

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princessmombi Wed 14-Sep-16 16:54:03

Booked in for an early scan I am around 6 weeks if measuring from lmp. Pain low down on right side so far down its almost top of thigh. No bleeding now . I guess I want a clear description of the pain?

JillJ72 Wed 14-Sep-16 16:59:36

Hi there, I'm sorry to read that you're in limbo and in discomfort; it's not very nice. Pain can present in different ways, and symptoms vary, in that some get the classic suite, others one thing or another, and some don't have any symptoms. For myself, I knew something was wrong, a real gut feeling, I felt off-colour and I had spotting.

The ladies here will be along with good advice, however please try the EPT - - as they are the go-to for specialist knowledge, and they do have very supportive forums if a diagnosis of EP is confirmed. Members come from around the globe; they are a London-based charity.

My EP was almost 11 years ago - that was the first time I visited MN, and was told about the EPT. Both were invaluable.

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