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MaisyL68 Tue 13-Sep-16 22:06:38

Hey ! So I've found out I'm pregnant, 7-8 weeks, I was just woundering when did everyone start buying baby things? It's my first so very egar lol! But with pcos I'm trying to hold back till my 12 week scan as I'm really worried that somethings going to go wrong 😞. So ladies what do you suggest? When did you start buying yours? And how did you stay positive in the early days?

panad317 Tue 13-Sep-16 22:16:56

Congratulations!! We didn't buy anything until after the 12 week scan. I found it hard to get excited before this, as the scan confirms everything if that makes sense!!

Barefootcontessa84 Tue 13-Sep-16 22:18:26

I would definitely hold off until at least the 12 week scan - though I'll probably wait till after 20 weeks. It's good to keep positive for sure, but it really isn't that unusual for things can go wrong in the early days (especially pre-12 weeks) so it would be awful to have bought things. Try and hold off a little - it also helps to spread the excitement and have things to look forward to like shopping later down the line smile

MaisyL68 Tue 13-Sep-16 22:22:37

Thank you! I think I'm going to wait till after the 12weeks, can you recommend some places that do unisex clothes? I think I will start the main shopping when I know the sex but buy some things after the 12weeks 😊

panad317 Tue 13-Sep-16 23:05:12

I think the usual shops like mothercare, next etc all have unisex clothes. We didn't buy any clothes until we knew the sex though, just some of the other baby stuff!

LillianFullStop Wed 14-Sep-16 06:25:24

About 28 weeks before we bought anything - but from 20 weeks started researching what we wanted, looking at things in the shop and keeping an eye out for sales!

divadee Wed 14-Sep-16 07:04:11

I looked at stuff before but have only just started buying stuff and I'm 20+ 2 now. Still haven't got any clothes, but bought the travel system and a perfect prep and steriliser. The travel system isn't getting delivered until end of October and then going to my mums to store it!!

PippaRose Wed 14-Sep-16 07:49:29

I bought a couple of bits early on but starting up more now I'm 21 weeks. We don't know what we are having so having to go neutral is stopping my spending!

smellsofelderberries Wed 14-Sep-16 09:23:01

I bought a little t-shirt just after I found out. I was only one cycle on from a miscarriage and hadn't bought anything for that pregnancy so wanted to buy something for this one. Bought a cot at around 18 weeks as we were in the process of moving overseas and wanted to ship that (was an eBay bargain) and same with a few other bits as our container won't turn up until I'm about 35 weeks. On the one hand, it was annoying to have bought so much so early, but it's also been very nice to spread the big costs so much. I'm now on mat leave (went as soon as I could due to the move) and money is tighter than it was when I was working, so it's great to know we just have bits and pieces to get now.

Definitely wouldn't have bought anything major until the 12 week scan, and probably would have held off until 20 weeks had our situation been a little different.

melibu84 Wed 14-Sep-16 09:28:45

I didn't start getting anything until after our 20 week scan, when we found out the gender.

I ended up buying way too much, as friends and family then bought us loads of stuff. We even had enough nappies to see us through the first two weeks!

Avoid buying too much in case you're friends and family are equally generous. Also, don't get too many newborn things as they won't fit in them long, if at all. My DS wen't straight into 0-3, newborn items were too small sad

BikeRunSki Wed 14-Sep-16 09:37:32

Congratulations! My youngest has just started school, so I can't even pretend I've got a baby anymore!

The Little Bird range at Mothercare is bright and unisex.
Next always have s unisex baby range, and the moment it is largely black and white
H&M baby clothes are fabulous and often pretty unisex
Bright/plain baby clothes are usually available, but you need to rummage - usually in the boy's section.

A word of warning though - plain white babygrows and vests are very handy for bleaching poo/sick etc stains!

BikeRunSki Wed 14-Sep-16 09:39:06

Also - hang on to the receipts if you buy anything obviously for a bit or girl before the baby is born - mistakes do happen. The baby who was DS2 at 20 week scan was actyally DD!

MaisyL68 Wed 14-Sep-16 14:06:18

Thank you! Think I'll have alook online for a few things after the 12 weeks 😊

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