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40 weeks no movement

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AmyAmy29 Mon 12-Sep-16 16:42:55

Hi ladies, me again!

I'm currently in hospital with extreme pelvis pressure and tightenings in my back. Today baby hasn't moved at all, this is my 5th period of no movements since 30 weeks and my 2nd period of no movements since 39 there a possibility I can be induced??! I ask because I want to avoid any interventions and want my body to do it on its own!!!!!!

Duckyneedsaclean Mon 12-Sep-16 16:44:35

Have you told them you've felt no movement today?

SpeakNoWords Mon 12-Sep-16 16:46:10

It depends how worried the doctors are about the lack of movement. My DS was born at 37 weeks due to no movement - I had an EMCS. There was a very brief discussion about induction but it was decided that there was no time to try it. Can you ask the doctors next time you see them?

3luckystars Mon 12-Sep-16 16:46:48

Are they monitoring you and the baby? Tell them urgently about the lack of movement if you haven't already. best of luck

allthecarbs Mon 12-Sep-16 16:48:38

I think it would depend on the health of the baby.
Have you told them about the no movements?

AmyAmy29 Mon 12-Sep-16 16:58:32

Yes I've told midwives and consultants about no movement and they're currently monitoring her her heart rate seems fine and dandy so hoping they won't do anything about it! X

EllenDegenerate Mon 12-Sep-16 19:55:05

Hi Amy

Wishing you the best of luck for your baby's birth.
Please bear in mind that your baby's safe arrival is of paramount importance at this point, it's great to have an idea of how you would like birth to progress but it's not the most important thing post 40 weeks if there are any concerns at all about your baby's happiness in the womb. X

BzyB Mon 12-Sep-16 20:06:03

Are you able to sit up on a birthing ball or move around to try to get baby's head to decend a bit more.

Lj8893 Mon 12-Sep-16 20:10:25

It depends how concerned they are. But even if they suggest induction, it doesn't mean you have to. Everything is your decision, just make sure you have all the information you need. Do some research whilst you can.

Nikki2ol6 Mon 12-Sep-16 20:46:12

Most likely they will induce you now, your at term and obv something isn't right, this happened to me and his heart rate seamed fine (i was 37+6) but because it had happened a few times that week they started me off, I didn't want too either, I wanted to let nature take its course but going home with no movement freaked me out badly so I agreed. As soon as contractions kicked in his heart rate went down. His cord was compressed somewhere !!! I had to lay on my right side the whole labour. I gave birth and he was perfect. If I'd gone home because I wanted nature to take its course there is no guarantee he would have been born alive.

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