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21/22 weeks still running. Time to stop?

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user1469381679 Mon 12-Sep-16 16:38:52

Hi ladies. Hope everyone is well. I'm almost 22 weeks pregnant still running. I did the park run over the weekend near us its a hilly one. Ever since the left hand side of my back is really sore not sure if I've just overdone it or if it's time for me to stop running.

Any advice? what were you doing around 22 weeks in the gym? Im really finding it harder now.

ooharmehearties Mon 12-Sep-16 17:23:54

Hi, I ran through my last pregnancy until about 3 weeks before I was due. I just felt I needed less impact at that point, and to slow down. although I had a very small bump and used a bump support band. After that I used my static bike just to keep the leg jiggles at bay. Being fit really helped with the birth and recovery, but everyone is different and the main thing is to listen to your body and don't force anything.

frenchknitting Mon 12-Sep-16 17:40:57

I stopped around 22 weeks, I think. My legs were oddly bruised after a run, and I was worried I was getting varicose veins. (I didn't)

Still not really started again, so not going to be an issue this time :-(

Squtternutbosch Tue 13-Sep-16 07:15:56

I stopped at about 26 weeks after a race which left me in a lot of pain. I'd overdone it, and I knew it, but after that I just didn't feel comfortable trying again.

Plenty of other things you can do for cardio instead if it's getting too much. Important thing is to listen to your body! Don't do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or sore or twingey.

Moggysinger Tue 13-Sep-16 09:58:31

I did my last run at 27 weeks. I was pretty gutted to stop and I miss it, but for me the constant pressure on my bladder was just too much! Even if I'd just emptied it as soon as I stepped out the door the urge was there again. Otherwise I didn't have any aches or pains (although I had slowed to a snails pace!)

It's all about listening to your body. I am now swimming instead, which is brilliant, I'd highly recommend it.

Madeline29 Tue 13-Sep-16 14:56:21

ooharmehearties which bump support band did you use? I've been looking online but unsure what to order.

Since doing the park run Saturday I've done two 2 mile runs on the treadmill at a slower pace. Ill keep doing this until its to much then start on the bike as my cardio.

ooharmehearties Tue 13-Sep-16 19:34:33

This one. I also made one out of a pair of tights!

Janubub Tue 13-Sep-16 19:49:58

I'm 22w and have been going to the gym rather than running - mainly because I'm afraid of falling over whilst on a run. I'm using the lower-impact cardio machines like the elliptical and cycle but am still able to keep a decent pace and have no intention of stopping any time soon. I feel lots better and fitter than I did in the first trimester. Hoping to get to at least 30w before anything changes. A runner friend of mine ran outdoors until 37w!

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