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Mamaroo swing, Are they worth it? What do I really need?

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Lynn5 Mon 12-Sep-16 14:06:37

33 weeks pregnant and feeling so overwhelmed and anxious about what I need. Dh would like Mamaroo presumably because it's gagety!! For the money though I'm not sure if it's worth is, does anyone have one and can advise.

Also I have nursery furniture, pram and car seat, baby bath changing system, Moses basket. Basic baby clothes and vests. What do I really need before baby comes? I have more or less packet my bag still need to do baby's. Also should all baby stuff be washed prior to being worn, how much bedding do I need for Moses basket and cot, how many blankets, I plan on breast feeding so do I need tonnes of bibs? Arrghhh so confused!!

hopeful31yrs Mon 12-Sep-16 19:15:53

Just bought one for numero deux. I won't have the same luxury of cuddling a second for hours and wanted a swing that would take over a little of the rocking I did for DD1. It is gadgety but looks good already. Easy to put together and looks good. Haven't yet got a baby in it so can't comment any further!

60sname Mon 12-Sep-16 19:18:57

We were loaned one (had never heard of it before that point). It was very kind of our friends but truthfully I think newborn DS used it once or twice but mostly refused to be rocked anywhere but our arms.

welshweasel Mon 12-Sep-16 19:19:24

Never heard of the swing so guess it's not essential! I didn't wash anything before use. I had 3 cot sheets but always put a muslin under his head so if he was a bit sick it didn't require a sheet change. Poo/wee disasters were usually contained within the sleeping bag. Used one blanket for the pram, never used a blanket indoors, went straight to sleeping bags (newborn ones to start with). Didn't use a bib until the dribbly stage started a few months in.

MrsHulk Mon 12-Sep-16 19:27:07

You are advised to wash all clothes and bedding before use in non-bio - just because a lot of babies have sensitive skin so can react to residues of dyes and manufacturing products in the clothes.

Honestly wait and see what your baby's like, then buy a swing if you need one! We couldn't have survived without it (baby with reflux who loved to be held and swung, but I had a prolapse so couldn't carry him much!), but a friend had a baby who loved lying in his crib and didn't really like being upright that much. It's definitely not an essential and is quite expensive.

Buy a few muslins, sleeping bags are good.

If you sign up to Amazon prime you can have a free trial for a month, so you can get anything you need really quickly (sometimes even same day!)

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