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Boobs and the encasing and restraining of...

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wineapotamus Mon 12-Sep-16 13:35:00

I've always had big boobs and now I am pregnant they are bigger than ever. Super. confused
My questions are
1. How many times am I likely to have to get measured through the pregnancy? I'm 14 weeks now.
2. Where can I buy comfy bras that aren't like an iron vice but don't cost a million pounds?
I know I need a couple of new bras now, but am putting it off for as long as poss to try and minimise expense and multiple fitting.
Any advice gratefully received!

Scotmum83 Mon 12-Sep-16 14:46:48

I think I just had one fitting during pregnancy then got nursing bras in a bigger size once my milk came in (and my boobs got huge). I found john Lewis non wired bras great during pregnancy think they are £16 each.

Christmasbaby16 Mon 12-Sep-16 15:36:09

M&S bras for me, love them.

wineapotamus Mon 12-Sep-16 17:03:44

Thanks. When did you go and get refitted?

Slave2thecat Mon 12-Sep-16 17:17:38

I went beginning of the second trimester and beginning of the third for measuring. I also got really cheap tight, stretchy vest tops from primark they are comfortable and hold things in place enough.

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