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Swelteringly hot office, but too early to play the pregnancy card

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Damson9 Mon 12-Sep-16 10:28:56

So, I'm currently 6+3 and not feeling too bad for it. My boobs are sore, I'm knackered and I'm a little sickly but on the whole ok.

Things get much worse when I get to work, though. We don't have any air conditioning in the office (some fans and portable AC units, but they're not that much use) it's been 33 degrees in the last couple of weeks and with high temperature forecast again this week, I don't know how I'm going to cope.

We've complained, but HR and facilities are super unsympathetic and basically told us to suck it up as there was nothing more they could do about it; the company bought us some fans, we should be grateful.

I don't know what to do. It's unbearable from a normal perspective, let alone while pregnant. And could it be doing me harm? I don't want to tell them this early that I'm pregnant, but I'm not sure how to better my situation otherwise. Any thoughts?

BertieBotts Mon 12-Sep-16 10:36:33

Do you not want to tell them because you're worried it might affect your job prospects? If so then I agree keep quiet. If it's more for personal reasons/risk of miscarriage I'd have a quiet word and ask them to keep it quiet.

Would it be possible for you to work from home, for example? That might be something you could ask for given it should cool down soon.

Apparently temperatures of over 35C can be dangerous - 33C is uncomfortable but not a risk. Make sure you drink lots of water! Bringing a frozen bottle of water is nice as it melts throughout the day but stays cold.

Damson9 Mon 12-Sep-16 11:57:05

It's the it being early/risk of miscarriage why I don't want to tell them; not worried about my job prospects smile

Its starting to look more and more like I might have to fess up, though, I simply cannot stand to work under those conditions. Sadly, I simply do not trust outer HR department/my boss to keep it quiet sad

zopeckham Mon 12-Sep-16 19:57:18

Hi sweetie,

I was determined not to tell work till 12 weeks but caved at 7 due to feeling really really sick. I just told a manager and a trusted friend (for some moral support) and said I didn't want HR notified till my 12 weeks scan after a previous loss.

I'm glad I did because after a horrendous night/morning of vomming I was able to easily say I needed to go home & manager was fine.

In terms of the heat, poor you, I can empathise working in an equally hot no AC office. In my job we have to have a risk assessment when pregnant due to risks of violence in the job, but they also consider office environment and getting too hot was counted as a health and safety issue so maybe your office has that in it's procedure? My office didn't really do anything but my manager said just to make sure I get fresh air whenever I need it.

Maybe they can get you your own fan? X

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