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Asking the landlord to do the house up......

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Nikki2ol6 Mon 12-Sep-16 08:06:29

We have lived here for 5 years and it was quite old fashioned when we moved in. There was wood on the walls which we painted over as we didn't risk taking it all off Incase the walls were a state under neath. We have had to decorate too.... As this was my landlords mums house and she was an old lady. The kitchen is very old and cupboard doors are hanging off, it's still single glazed some of the child safety catches are broken upstairs so the Windows just open fully so we had to nail one shut as it was In my daughters room!! We are due a very poorly baby in around 4 months who will need open heart surgery, I don't want any cold getting on his chest. We have looked around for a different house but nothing is coming up in our area and we don't want to move areas for family and school reasons. Can we ask the landlord to upgrade our house? I want too but I'm worried she will say don't be so stupid I'm not doing it up for you

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