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Tommee tippee prep Machine

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Craftycakey15 Sun 11-Sep-16 23:11:08

I will be bottle feeding my newborn when they are born next month. I bought the prep machine but have read somewhere today that it isn't recommended for newborns. Something to with the amount of water in the bottle not being enough and that children became very constipated. Can anyone advise ?

MrsMulder Sun 11-Sep-16 23:22:31

The water amount is the same as if you made it up yourself. I used it with my dd when she was fairly newborn with no problems. It's a godsend for bottle feeding

honeysucklejasmine Sun 11-Sep-16 23:23:50

Yeah, no problems here.

WussyWat Sun 11-Sep-16 23:36:23

It's fine for newborns. The minimum ounces it can make is 4oz though so you may have quite a bit of waste in a bottle for a while until baby is reliably finishing that much.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sun 11-Sep-16 23:43:11

I don't see how this is any easier than using a kettle? A friend was raving about them but I can't see how it's easier than boiling a kettlegrin

AbbeyRoadCrossing Sun 11-Sep-16 23:46:34

At 1am, 2.30am 4am etc it's a lot easier to press a button than boil a kettle and cool or warm up bottles whilst the baby screams and you run around hoping your tiddler doesn't wake. I thought the same, just use a kettle, but bought the prep half price and loved it.

Anyway - never heard it can't be used for newborns. Do you have a link?

AbbeyRoadCrossing Sun 11-Sep-16 23:47:26

Toddler not tiddler!

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sun 11-Sep-16 23:48:44

Ah right,if you make up a fresh bottle every time. I made them in advance.

FuzzyOwl Sun 11-Sep-16 23:49:19

It is much easier than boiling a kettle! grin

Pinklily1 Mon 12-Sep-16 07:07:21

Our health visitor told us they cannot actively 'recommend' the Perfect Prep machine because of uncertainty as to how hot the water in the machine actually gets compared with a kettle and therefore concerns over sterilisation.

I don't have one so I don't know the detail of how they work. I've heard brilliant things about then though!

Bagina Mon 12-Sep-16 07:17:32

I would have got one in a heartbeat. Making bottles is the worst thing about having a baby. We made them in advance in the end.

Also, how can they not know how hot the water gets in the pp?

I've heard the finish beep is too loud and wakes sleeping babies.

Sgoinneal Mon 12-Sep-16 07:31:13

It's heaven for formula feeders, mixed feeders or even those topping up bf in early days while getting into their stride. Just so easy. Amazon sometimes have them on as low as £50.

Pinklily1 Mon 12-Sep-16 07:59:34

I thought that too Bagina hmm She just said It is an issue which, as far as health visitors are concerned, exists but hasn't been answered satisfactorily by TT. I didn't ask anything further as I'm breastfeeding.

YoungGirlGrowingOld Mon 12-Sep-16 08:08:18

I have been toying with the pp machine - I plan to breastfeed but will need to switch to formula before I go back to work in a few months. It's reduced to 75 quid at Boots at the moment - usually 90 I think.

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